Equine Racers - Re-Homing RaceHorses in Southern California

   Equine Racers became an official 501c3 non profit as of February 2014. Equine Racers operates as 2 different functions of helping retiring racehorses. The first function being an outlet for racing Owners/Trainers to find their retiring horses new homes off the track. These horses are owned and cared for by their racing connections and reside at either the racetrack or their racing farm. I provide a service for them by taking photos, stats, advertising, replying to emails/phone calls, setting up appointments, showing the horse(s), matching horses, working out the paper work and many times transportation for the horse to the new owner. The prices reflect what the owner would like to get for the horse, however I do put in my input if I feel a horse is over priced or not getting much attention on advertisement. These horses do not follow an Equine Racers adoption process as they are not owned by me. I strive to help these horses find good new homes as majority of the racing owners do not have many options for them. These horses are able to be resold by their new owners, however I am always here to help re home one if that time comes.

   The second function of Equine Racers are the horses I have been able to take into my care, either from track owners that can no longer care for the horse or I feel the horse is in danger of heading to the auction as well as taking horses straight from the auction into my care. I do have an adoption contract in place and have taken a couple horses back as needed or if I did not have the funds or space, I am able to work with another organization to help me with the horses and vice versa. As equine advocates its very important to be able to have others in the horse world who can help you when you need it. I am very grateful for the help and support and do everything I can to give back as well. I am a very small operation that is mostly run under my own funds. Sometimes horses are just not a good fit, it happens, and sometimes it takes a couple tries to find that right partner.

   I strive to help the horses make that transition into new loving homes and careers where they can be given another chance rather than end up at auctions or other racetracks where their future is vague and unclear. Being self run with minimal donations, I am not finically or physically able to care for a large amount at one time, but the ones I do have in my care, I can make sure they get the care and attention they need to become successful horses.


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