Growing up being the only horse crazed kid in the family, I found my passion for horses very early in life starting with weekly Hunter/Jumper lessons back in 1995 at 13 years old. No one expected this to turn into my life's passion of 20 years and counting. Showing and competing on lesson schooling Off Track Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses led my desire to the race track in 2005, where my passion took full force and Equine Racers was created. Spending the last 11 years galloping racing Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, developed my riding and horsemanship skills to a degree where my experience has grown into rehabilitating and training young racehorses coming off the track into new careers. Competing with my own OTTBs in Dressage and Eventing has given me the drive and focus to transition these horses with the emphasis on Dressage as the bases of jumping. By building a solid foundation thorough positive learning with structure, routine, and discipline, all of which experience has taught me builds a happy, focused, and safe equine partner. I continue to increase my equine education on a daily basis thorough lessons, hands on experience, various required rehabilitation of these horses, as well as new training tactics. Being able to see these horses excel into a new career with smiling owners keeps my passion alive and makes me truly love what I do. 

"You know, you don't throw a whole life away just 'cause he's banged up a little." - Tom Smith (Seabiscuit)